Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

As a firm that invests primarily in the resource sector, Waterton Global Resource Management understands that its decisions may have significant impacts on communities, local economies and the environment. For this reason, Waterton Global believes it has an obligation to its stakeholders and investors to act responsibly while creating shared value. Integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) considerations into management and investment decisions is a fundamental part of responsible investing. To this end, Waterton Global has adopted ESG policies that define the scope and principles for integrating ESG matters into every phase of its business.

Waterton Global has also solidified its commitment to ESG initiatives by signing on to the United Nations-sanctioned Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (the “PRI Initiative”). The PRI Initiative consists of a global network of leading investors who collaborate to understand and promote sustainability in investment decision-making and ownership practices.  Signatories of the PRI Initiative strive to work with other investors to implement governance principles and seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues in each investment opportunity. 

For more information regarding the PRI Initiative, please visit: http://www.unpri.org/