Isser Elishis, Managing Partner, CIO

Isser oversees the investment decision-making process and portfolio investment strategy. His responsibilities include investment management, deal structuring and execution, portfolio monitoring and exit strategy assessment.

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James Hennessy, Chairman

James served as President and CEO of ING Mutual Funds with approximately $100 billion under management. He has held senior executive positions with other mortgage banking, investment banking, and financial services companies.

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Kalman Schoor, Partner, Chief Strategist

Kalman is the Chief Strategist of the Investment Adviser and is involved with developing the strategic direction of the firm and implementing strategic decisions. In addition, Kalman assists with the general management of the Investment Adviser. Prior to joining the Investment Adviser, Kalman worked with Isser at HSBC’s Equity Structured Finance Group and has consistently worked with Isser on various projects since then.

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